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A new era is upon us. Days of handling physical cash could be coming to an end. Most of us are familiar with bitcoin by now but there are many other "virtual coins" in existence. New coins are being brought to market at a swift pace.

Let's showcase related domains and discuss the possibilities of these new virtual coins. Like stocks, wise investments in this new currency can earn you a bundle in profits! Track values of 160+ coins below...




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I had a brief look at crypto currency a few months back. If you thought domains were high risk and speculative... crypto is on another level entirely!

There's new coins being announced and incorporated into exchanges like Cryptsy almost daily. Many wont survive, a few might. The holy grail seems to be finding the new Bitcoin/Litecoin before it booms, and there sure are plenty to chose from! Some of the more established ones are NameCoin, PeerCoin and Quark.

I have very small investments in a number of random coins but I think I'm probably done with crypto. If you've got time and a keen eye you could turn a good profit - hey for a couple of $ you can be a millionaire in some of the 'currencies.' (FlappyCoin anyone??...)

In terms of domains I noticed Keith has SpaceCoin. This has every chance of receiving good offers, as a lot of the developed coins are in this type of category, e.g. OrbitCoin, GalaxyCoin, CosmosCoin, MoonCoin, SaturnCoin, StarCoin, EarthCoin. So SpaceCoin looks like a very good and desirable domain! - best of luck and let us know how you get on.

I regged a few some months back in dot com:


Some are better than others

I also have XchangeCrypto - with best intentions of doing something with it now allayed!

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