ccTLD The biggest .tv sale EVER. All single keywords domains - CLOSED

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Thanks to everyone.
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thanks for the smooth tx!
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1 Domain sold and already paid and transferred.
2 Domains pending sale and removed from the list
Expiration dates are updated for all domains expiring in 3 months or less

I've some other ongoing negotiations so if you want one or more act fast. As I said I will not sell all, when I'll be happy I'll close the sale.
thanks for the smooth tx!
Thanks to you. It has been a pleasure.

3 Domains SOLD, Paid and Pushed.
All the others available for a short time.
Real Reseller Prices for single keywords.


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Got some great names there. Still think my one is better though ( well I would wouldn't I 🤣) As I said great names my friend I hope you sell the lot!!
Thanks! Great easy transaction.
Thanks to you and good luck with the domain.

I think I will close in 24/48 hrs so hurry up.
These prices are really really low.
10% discount for 24hrs on all domains then I will close the sale.
It's an opportunity that will not come again soon.
3 domains removed from the list and 11 domains added, including Dogs.tv
Last hours before closing.
Closed, thanks to everyone who purchased and inquired.
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