The 3W Rule of Domain Name Investing

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    In the changeable world of domain industry, every player has his own way for the game. There is no one-for-all rule in investing, but we can learn from the successes and failures from each other. Do you know the 3W rule of domain investing? ---- WHICH, WHO and WHAT. Let’s have a look.

    WHICH: WHICH field?

    Choose the domain name that can be used in a wide range of fields

    Pinyin domains, letter domains, numeric domains and combination domains ---- the various kinds of domain names and the uncertainty of the domain name market always make the investors at loss. Thus, veterans in this market will be relatively conservative and will prefer the domain names with meanings that could be used in a wide range of fields. That is the reason for the prevalence of numeric domain names nowadays.

    WHO: WHO may want to buy?

    Search for the information of potential buyers

    Once you get the domain name, the next step is about selling it. How to sell your domain name to an end user? That is the question many investors are thinking about. In additional to the value of the domain name, the end user usually could offer a higher price for their demand.

    Therefore, before you sell the domain name to the end users, please do some research of their identities as well as their peers, competitors and the differences between them. Also you shall have some knowledge of the future strategies of the target company, especially whether they want to enter the Internet world.

    WHAT: WHAT the price range would be?

    The accurate price range

    I believe many investors are bothered by the pricing strategy. A extravagate price will stumble the buyer while a low price may not meet your expectation. To solve this problem, you need to have a deep knowledge of the industry and the potential buyer. Once the picture is clear, you can make an accurate price plan of the domain names, which could facilitate the transactions. If the buyer is a company in the field of finance, real estate or automobile, the price could be set higher.

    Besides, remember to grasp the initiatives in the transaction. Send your expectations to the buyer instead of asking for their prices. For example, in the transaction of, the seller lost the chance and sold the domain name for a very low price to the end user.

    Of course, every investor has his own thinking of the market. The rule of 3W is only for consulting. If you have any good idea, please share your opinions with us.


    Declaration: this is an informative article that do not represent official investing advice, with no intend in misleading readers.Please be open-minded and objective. Welcome varied discussion below.Thanks!
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    The 2 and 3 W's are the toughest. Always we want to buy lower and sell higher.
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    Wrong thread, sorry.

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