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SuperBowl Ads and Their Domains (2018)

Labeled as discuss in General Domain Discussion started by Ategy.com, Feb 4, 2018.


  1. Ategy.com

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    Well .. today is the biggest day of the year for ... Football you say? NOPE .. for MARKETING!

    What I heard if that this year a single 30 second ad is supposed to run about 5 million dollars.

    With domains so intertwined with branding and marketing, it would be wise for all domainers to take note of ads for domain usage. A few years ago the ratio of hashtags:domains increased .. although I think last year that trend was down as more and more companies realised the sheer stupidity of effectively handing over all their advertising money to Twitter or Facebook instead of actually sending their target audience to their own site.

    Anyhow .. figured it would be fun to start a thread to discuss the various ads marketing/branding strategies and how prominently domains are placed.

    Instead of taking bets on the coin flip ... Place your vote on if we will see any non .com's? Any ngTLDs? lol

    Or how many campaign specific marketing/call-to-action domains we'll see vs conventional company name domains.

    So I guess for the next 9 hours you can use this post for your predictions ...
    and then after the game starts to discuss the actual trends and specific ads!

    .. Happy Super Bowl to all! :)
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  2. Ategy.com

    Ategy.com NameCult.com Gold Account VIP

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    Some from this year are kicking around YouTube .. but not a fan of spoilers! lol

    So here are some from last year ...

  3. Grego85

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    hoping to see some new GTLD domains!
  4. DnEbook

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    I miss the Godaddy Puppy Farm Ad ...... Oh What Fun

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