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    Hello there guys, it's been a long time coming since I joined domaining and NamePros.

    I have decided to start a Shopify store called (derives from Leonardo Da Vinci, Creative Genius) specifically for digital assets such as brandable domains, social media marketing, and other digital products.

    I also am planning to dedicate a separate section of the website to displaying brand discovery and showcasing.

    I want to make this e-commerce to have a collective set of brandable domains that are priced for the average consumer or small business startup (between $100-1000), and only am planning to sell domains in the .com extension. I am just curious what is the most efficient way to sell domains of my own and others on the Shopify platform in terms of delivery time and ease of the customer understanding the process. And if I decide to list other domainers' domains on the Shopify store, what sales commission percentage should I take?

    All advice would be appreciated and if you think you would be interested in perhaps listing on my upcoming Shopify store, please feel free to message me.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Hi @BasedBeyond ,

    Do you have instagram account? What do you think about selling on instagram?
  3. sheiky

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    First, You are going to start a brandable website and the domain name you selected for this is inappropriate. Pls check again.

    I have done few stores on shopify and its better suitable for physical products especially dropshipping but domain names...? Huh..? You will be paying $9 every month to place the buy now button. Why not consider efty / undeveloped.?

    Also you can create your standalone website on wordpress / php scripting platform. Heaps of scripts and plugins available on code / canyon / envato sites.

    I gave my honest thought on your concept. Appologies if its not correct. All the best.

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