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    Just wondering if you guys ever considered doing some sub-forums, to make it easier to find stuff. Either free or offer paid sub-forums for companies? We used to do that over on an affiliate marketing forum. Extra money for the forum, better organized. As an example, recently started up with efty, but it's really hard to find stuff. Threads are all over the place. I posted in one just now, but I think it's in a section that's blocked from New Posts, so less people will see it. Sub-forums like a forum just for Efty, everything in one place.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Organization is something we actively think about. The difficulty is that there is a lot of overlap with certain threads among our existing sections, and deciding which section is the best fit is often a subjective challenge. The tag system helps with that a little, but we understand that things are still difficult to find sometimes.

    The Advanced Search is useful for locating things, but it is time consuming to select all of the settings necessary to find what you want. Google is sometimes the fastest way to find things, but other times, we have to spend a few minutes setting up the Advanced Search to only search specific sections, sort by Most Recent, Display results as threads, etc.

    Threads about a specific company will almost always end up in the Reviews or Advertising section/s unless they are about more than one company or about a public-interest company (e.g., GoDaddy). The Advanced Search feature can be used to search only the Reviews sections.

    We will give this more thought.

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