alert Strange Afternic Listing Request - could be phishing attempt

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Dear name Pros.

Today I received an email purportedly from myself, containing a link to authorize the fast-transfer for an Afternic listing of one of my generic keyword domains.

I got alerted as I haven't used Afternic in the recent past, presently have no listings there, and did not try to list any domain.

But regular Afternic users who were in the process of bulk-listing their domains when such an email came through, could unwittingly click such a link and authorize the fast-transfer of their valuable domain(s).

I am sure this was a phishing attempt, and given the domain name and full email, Afternic could identify the miscreant attempting to misuse their platform.

Has anyone else received such email(s)?
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Someone else may try to list your domain (because he thinks he owns it, ..or trying to steal it) and it may be accepted as his listing, and he may try to authorize fast transfer,.. and you get an email from the registrar, and if you authorize fast transfer, then domain can be sold instantly and lost, and he would get paid. This is how I interpret such emails, and ignore them..
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Don't you need to take off the domain lock before transfer? So just ignore it.