NameSilo sold for $35,000 in 2016 expires goes for $5,850

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    17,915 was left to expire and closed at $5,850 on DropCatch. The domain name had sold for $35,000 just four years earlier on Sedo. Anyweb Co.,Ltd out of Korea was the seller back in 2016. Looking at the domain was just a landing page at Uniregistry after the sale. The domain name was under privacy since the sale. Sad to see a $35,000 purchase to be lost like this, I do … [Read more...]
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  2. Ruijter

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    Damn thats a waste... but they probally have enough if they are too lazy managing a 35K name
  3. Bob Hawkes

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    StarWorld is a nice name, and hopefully it will before long get into meaningful end use. Even at purchase price room for nice ROI I think.

    I guess for some companies even $35,000 is not that much to speculate on something, but I am still surprised to see how common it is that 5 figures are spent for a domain name, and then it simply is let to expire, never used, years later.

    Just a 4% pa interest charge on $35,000 suggests that you are paying the equivalent of a .com renewal fee every 3 days all those years, so surely it is worth it to renew for $10 and at least try to sell the name for some fraction of what it is worth.

  4. QuestFuture

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    StarWorld is indeed a good domain name, and any project is suitable.

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