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    This domain name is perfect for a SSL certificate web shop or reseller program. You can also start using any affiliate program out there, and start reselling Comodo, Symantec, Globalsign SSL certificates.

    If you need a head start, and a bit more support (with additional cost), you can join an established company and their reseller program. Like or is for sale at $1,995.

    Logo included in original price. The logo was made by a professional illustrator and award wining artist (direct contact available to buyer). Logo is custom made for this occasion, and was never used before. This is not a $5 logo from Fiverr.

    Also worth mentioning, if you are starting a SSL web shop company, you might consider using WhoAPI. There you can check expiry dates of any SSL certificate, and contact details of website owner. Not only that, but you can immediately setup website monitoring and website backup for your business at With this domain, you get 3 months of Standard package for free.

    To sum it up, what is included in this sale:
    1. Great domain name with powerful keywords
    2. Unique, custom tailored logo
    3. 3 months of WhoAPI, Standard package
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