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Some domain name sales you haven’t heard like True.org

Labeled as domains in Domain Industry News started by equity78, Dec 3, 2019.


  1. equity78

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    Here is a look at some domain name sales that are not recorded on Namebio. The reason being these were generated from the GoDaddy domain appraisal tool, so more than likely these were sales generated through Afternic or Namefind. When you search for a domain name using the GoDaddy appraisal tool, you will see comparable […]

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  2. Michael Ehrhardt

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  3. SuperBrander

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    Thanks for posting these. LHO dot com for $8045. Must have been someone's lucky day or maybe just an old sale.

    I don't have the resources- but just putting this out there. Maybe someone with the right skill set can collect as many sales as possible from these comparable sales. Could add a lot of valuable data.

    (I'm presuming it's OK for someone to do that since it's information that's posted in public?)
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  4. lennco

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    There is another way to find Godaddy unlisted sales instead of using the Appraisal tool.

    If you are wanting to find sales for any keywords just go to Godaddy Auctions type in your keyword of choice in the Auction Search and then choose any of the Make Offer auctions you see and when you open an auction page, scroll down and you will see 3 to 4 sales.

    Stay away from Buy Now auctions and try to look for quality 2 word auctions with your main keyword first..
    Some names you find might be listed on Namebio and some may not.

    I have found a lot more unlisted sales this way for whatever keyword I was searching for then using the appraisal tool.

    In about an hour I found almost 30 unlisted sales for a certain keyword ranging from $1200 to $7000

    Happy hunting (y)
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  5. pablohc86

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    well.. nice find for you as you got a cc.tv domain.
    is that with regular renewal fee?
  6. Riz M.

    Riz M. EmpireNames.com

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    I have already collected approx 10k sales of gd that are not listed any where with proper filters...
    Collecting more on daily basis to have more idea when buying names 👍👍

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