Social Network No-No!

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  1. Social Network No-No!

    Just a quick vent and word of advice for those that use social communities like FaceBook or LinkedIn.

    No-No's that will get you instantly blocked / Ignored / reported for spam / etc.:
    • 1. Do NOT add people to a group without asking them first.
    • 2. Do NOT tag people in a photo advertisement just to get it on their timeline.
    • 3. Do NOT tag people in your advertisement post just to get it on their timeline.
    • 4. Do NOT send random private messages to people you don't know trying to sell / promote stuff.
    • 5. Do NOT send random "Like my page" invites to people you don't know.
    • 6. Do NOT reply in other peoples article / update comments with your latest promotion.
    • 7. Do NOT post unrelated self promotions in groups that have nothing to do with the topic you posted.
    • 8. Do NOT add strangers as friends you don't know or at least have friends in common with. If they haven't ever heard of you, chances are they don't want to be a friend.
    The above is a very fast way to tarnish your reputation and get blocked / reported for spam. Use social networks wisely. A solid reputation can take years to build and only a few minutes to destroy. once destroyed, it can sometimes be impossible or take twice as many years to get it back.
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    Agreed, it is very important to use social media wisely, otherwise it could tarnish image of any individual or a concern.
    A question just came in my mind, what about paying adverts on fb for domain promotions to target audience. Anyone has seen this thing happening or do this for promotions, I would like to know the experience, views, comments. Thanks
  3. Paid FB ads are a different story. They have a designated place for those that is consistent. They have a few different options to choose from when it comes to advertising. The following FB business ad offer claims that one can advertise for as little as $5: and here's a video explaining FB ad pricing in more detail:
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    Eric Lyon

    you are right and i appreciate your these "Do NOT" points :)

    being a student of social media marketing i have some bad experience to get block notice etc and i will say every social media marketing student should keep in mind above mentioned points to get more benefits from social networking websites.
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    PLEASE. I do not want to purchase (example). If you have a quality domain, I may entertain it and not unfriend/block you.
    This is a problem among social networks these days. Nobody knows who is who. That is why I have been changing my avatar/picture to be the same to be recognized as David Walker (rockin' my $3 "gold" USMC tie clasp, no matter the cost of my 3-piece suit). :)
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    So I have been right.

    I do not have any Social Networking Account at all.

    Unless someone can convince me otherwise....
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    That would be a 2001-2004 feature of Facebook.

    Anyway-- poke @Paul Buonopane

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