So, think I see a scam. Want to share

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    So, out of the blue I get a couple of emails from AfterNic letting me know that someone has made a price requests.

    WOW, didn't even remember putting these names on there about 1 yr ago, and they are terrible names, that I plan on dropping.

    Back to the WOW, wow I'm getting interest on the blah domains - so I respond with a nice low but not to low # good enough to get an exchange going = but nothing no responces.

    Oh well, happens everyday - just - usually for names I am marketing, promoting, and selling - not ones I forgot where in the drop bin.

    Well, wouldn't you know within a day - a really smart domainer (wannabe hahaha) is contacting me to let me know he/she/whoever has several very similar "premium" names that clearly I need and now that I have an inquiry on the name............ I GUESS I BETTER BUY THEM QUICK... Come on, try harder clown!

    But wanted to share, this just happened, so wanted to share just in case it helps someone else as I bet I'm not the only one with supersize inquiries lately?.

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    Afternic's price requests are complete crap. I get them all the time but absolutely no response and/or follow up after that
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    I figured out their model to a tee; they send you interested or potential buyers at random, although these could come from a partner registrar of theirs so it could be legitimate.

    However legitimate or not the afternic platform goal is to get the users to set prices for the domains added on the network in which you have yet to specify price for. Once you set the price of the interested party the BIN price remains set on your afternic domain for future purposes.
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    Similarly to UNI.

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