auctions Snapnames vs Namejet & no bids in pre-release auction.

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So a close friend of mine is currently participating in a private pre-release auction and he asked me about a situation I've never encountred before. Maybe you guys can shed some light on this.

He is the only bidder for a domain on NameJet with a $69 offer. On Snapnames two people have also backordered the same domain for $69. The private auction started yesterday but it has been completely dead - no bids have been made.

On Namejet it says he has the winning bid with $69, even if the other two on Snapnames bid the same amount. When it says he has the winning bid, does that mean he will get the domain if no more bids are made and all bids end at $69? I don't see how he can win the domain if they all bid the same amount.

Has anyone encountered this scenrario before?

PS: I told him to up the bid to 70 just to play it safe.
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