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Expiry: 1/1/2024
Auction start: $5
Increments: $5+
Transfer: Push to your account (account creation is free) or Auth Code
Auction End: 120 hours after the last bid
Payment: PayPal, Cash App

Selling, 16 years old premium domain name ready for business! Valued at over $500 on EstiBot! The term "silver round" is searched 1.9k times each month on Google. Please see all pictures for verification of various aspects of the domain's background, including valuation, backlinks, age, and keyword search volume.

Privately minted "silver rounds" or "generic silver rounds" are called "rounds" instead of "coins" because the US Mint and other government mints reserves the use of the word "coin" for Government Issued currency with a face value expressed in the national currency.

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