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Signal2.com - 2700 USD (or best offer).

1. Long domain SEO history - 9 years old (!) (registered back in 2013)
2. Registered and used for Extras marketplace before Signal app boomed in 2020.

High domain authority
Clean IP history

Registrar - namecheap.com
Renewal Price at current registrar - 12 USD/year to renew (via Namecheap.com).
Renewal Date - 2023-04-13 (signal2.com) and 2022-12-29 (signal2.app)
Payment Options - PayPal, Stripe.
Starting price: signal2.com + signal2.app - 2700 USD or best offer

Official GoDaddy domain appraisal tool valuates this domain at 3,177 USD:

I self finished last year a many years lease of this domain for almost 3000 USD, and now I can sell it.
Additionally, it is an official term used in the computers industry:

Fits perfectly for communication, software and data agencies, as well as for Signal app related services.
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