showcase Showcase your best Hand Reg in 2022.....and any plans

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It's funny how names/domains evolve..... while viewing lawyer Ari Goldenberg's site i see this;


Savvy, fierce and experienced negotiators

Always liking the word 'savvy' and being part Jewish myself (my grandfather Benjamin Goldstein), I think of the name 'Savvy Jew'. Thus;

As for my plans for the 'Savvy Jew'......i may ask Ari Goldberg or one of his partners to help with trademarking it. With Jews notoriously being good/smart business people, I have a plethora of contacts who may be able to help. Then there's a non Jewish friend of mine who owns who might help as well.

Final note, surprisingly no one has ever registered What's your best hand reg for 2022? and Happy New Year🍾
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