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information Show case and websites in use..

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Show case and websites in use.. Lets build the knowledge hub for this dedicated numbers categories...

I am aware of the below in use .. , , ..
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1,087 and also --> A mumbai based Indian company is using this one.
Sun International
107 Madhu Industrial Estate ,
Mogra Village Road,
Mograpada, Andheri East,
Mumbai 400069.
India is used by a chinese company..
not sure whats it doing as i cant understand the language..

seems to be is acquired by and its getting forwarded to
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would be interested to see any 4N.IN working sites.
Just scan all .IN TLDs by whois. After to scan of HTTP main page requests. It is only 1000 combinations ;)
I was curious to find how many names are developed or at least in use some meaningful way...

I have found the answer to the question today after spending couple of hours manually validating each one of them.. its 4.4 % of them.

please read the further details @