Should Small Businesses Consider Building a Industry-Related Domain Portfolio?

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    In today’s tech-driven world, it’s a given to establish a digital presence for one’s personal or company brand.

    Now whether or not this digital presence uses a .com or non .com domain name is an ongoing debate — one I shall refrain from addressing today, somewhat.

    While most may not agree on which domain extension should represent one’s digital presence — .com has long ruled the web for personal and company branding — ALL can agree upon a digital presence being a MUST HAVE some 30 years into the Internet journey.

    And while majority agree that a brand should have a single domain name, often overlooked is whether not a brand should build a relevant domain portfolio beyond their primary domain name?

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  2. philski

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    Hi Alvin
    Years ago i would get every single domains i could find, to cut out the competition.

    Today its different as in we use one to project the brand, image or product. And, hundreds and thousands of domains to rank and secure it..
  3. philski

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    its good to talk about brands,.. brands are built...
  4. viniproject09

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    Google have bought I guess all the tlds even miss spelled tlds to make their brand more visible.
  5. bossafter5

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    Interesting Topic for sure I know one of the areas I seem to be discussing with Adwords clients of mine even smaller business is similar. Especially when it comes to Franchise business owners who have so many restrictions many times that they have little to no control of. One example in my area its very spread out Rural and there is a big demand for the service this client offers but the Franchise set the limits so tightly that when I spoke with him I explained how the site pushed me to the form to enter my zip code and just says no service to you in that city and the owner of the local franchise was not too happy to find that out. So now hes in process of creating a new LLC to avoid issues with his franchise and creating a new business entity and using me to create a more generic local site around the services he wants to offer.
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    Maintaining an industry level domain portfolio will be a costly affair. If a person owns a small enterprise and is developing a website to show its regular customers the range of products it offers, then there is no need for maintaining commercial domains.

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