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.Shop showcase, Sales, Regs and Discussion

Located in gTLD Discussion, started by NTLK, Oct 12, 2020


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    This intention of this thread to showcase your newly registered and older .shop domains. Post any unreported sales that you would like to share, And discuss anything related to the .shop extension.

    I personally really like the .shop domain extension. Since the intention of this extension is so obvious for end-users. And it can be used with both English and other languages keywords.

    However, sofar there doesn't seem to be too much action saleswise. NameBio reports for 2020 the following sales:
    • Slim.shop - $2000
    • Hottub.shop - $654
    • Masks.shop - $310
    • Feed.shop - $5000
    • Pop.shop - $28650
    • Academia.shop - $303
    • Drohnen.shop - $1089
    • Vegetarian.shop - $107
    I've registered quite some .shop domains myself. Some of them I will develop into full websites. My own current 10 favorite .shops are:
    • Aerobics.shop
    • Superheroes.shop
    • PosterArt.shop
    • SmartWearables.shop
    • Trendsetters.shop
    • HousePlants.shop
    • Daddies.shop
    • Surfers.shop
    • 5Gdevices.shop
    • Coax.shop
    What are your own favorite .shop domains? And do you think is an extension worth investing into?
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