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Hello, I am curious about your stories on how you sold domain names to actual companies. I am especially interested in ones where domain name was exactly like a company name. for example: Company XXX bought a name www.COMPANY.XXX .

I currently have no such story to share
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I've only sold a couple like this and the company reached out to me using the form I put on the domain. It was their exact company name but I had the .me version and they had a long .com that they wanted to shorten. After the deal, they forwarded their .com to the .me and rebranded around it. It's fun to see a domain you used to have being used like that.


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I sold a band's (long version name) domain in the .org extension to them. They already owned the .com and the abbreviated version in .com.
About 36 hours after I put it up with an asking price they swooped in to purchase.