Several Interesting Domain Stories You May Not Know

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    1. Which domain is the first registered name? The world's first registered domain name is registered in March 15, 1985 which is the oldest name in the world.

    2. How many domain names in the world till now? According to VeriSign reports, there are more than 193 million global top-level domains. One of the most widely used gTLD is .Net rather than .Com.

    3. Google’s is familiar to all of us, and it also has ccTLDs domains like, and so on. However you must don’t know it has a common numerical domain When you visit this site on your cell-phone, you will find something.

    4. There is a PI site listing Pi to one MILLION decimal places. Access server has been overwhelmed due to GoogleA-wor-s or the large amount of visits. Therefore its page author made a small joke, transferring the real page to in-ex2.html first and then to in-ex3.html. As for where is the real page, please try it by yourself. 314 may be a good number.

    5. Most expensive domain: was registered in 1995 and asks for $13 million. The most expensive names are usually relevant to sex, gambling and money.

    6. that’s the exact word “delicious”. Why the registrant would rather use second level domain than a domain with complete word?

    7. Funny name:
    It is the pinyin of the sentence “妈妈说就算你注册的域名再长百度都能搜索出来” which means “no matter how long your domain is, it still could be searched out by Baidu.” Its registration time is even one year before Google’s domain.

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    #3 gives a 404 for me on phone and desktop :-/
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    oh? maybe only applicable to users in China
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    6. Because they didn't have money to buy .com and when they got venture financing they bought it.
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    I thought I read the very first domain was a dot net.

    And lol on 7 . Sounds like Baidu promoting itself?

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