Seven dirty words now allowed in .us ;)

Labeled as .us in ccTLD Discussion started by Kate, Sep 14, 2018.


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    It is an interesting dirty read...

    Thanks @Kate for sharing..

    I have no idea about some words being banned to be used in domain names... I thought what error will we get while trying to I am not into registering adult/insulting domains...

    But good to know that actually we will get a notice and our domain is useless...and it happens after have to keep an eye on this if you are a buyer of this sort...

    ...and are there any more these type of restrictions/bans in any other extensions that we should keep in mind while registering new names...

    Members please shed some light on this...

  3. Bob Hawkes

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    For the .ca (Canada) country code there is a somewhat comprehensive list of what is not allowed here:

    In essence names of provinces and municipalities in Canada are protected, along with some general terms like city and town. Also, the legacy generic TLDs (like net, com, etc) can't be used, along with most other country code TLDs (due to changes a few current ones have slipped in). They also say a list of expletives is not allowed but don't link to an actual list. I also learned that when you Only a subset of internationalized, mainly to allow French accents, is allowed, and both an internationalized and otherwise similar domain name must have same owner to prevent confusion.

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