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I have roughly 836 domains that I am interested in selling. Mostly .com, two word generic and a few handfuls of other extensions, one word and liquid type domains. There are no hyphens in any of my names and not many with numbers and only if they make sense or are liquid type domains.

If you are looking to get into the domaining business this your start or if you want to expand your portfolio these names would be a nice addition.

The sell through of the portfolio has been performing the way it should - roughly 1-3% per year and returning on my investment. You will probably make 100% of your money back in 2-3 years if you price properly.

I have been building the portfolio over the last 5 years or so and it has steadily increased each year in terms of sales - happy to share sales data if someone has serious interest. Purchasing better names and having them priced properly is the reason for this.

Modest parking revenue being generated as well.

If anyone would be interested in seeing the names I will send a list. Looking to sell entire list, not one off sales - thank you for looking.

Will can use escrow for the transaction or handle directly and all names registered at GoDaddy and Namebright.

Domain - 836 of them
Registrar - GoDaddy and Namebright
Renewal Price - $8 & $9 per name
Renewal Date - Various
Payment Options - PayPal, Escrow, etc.

I don't put too much value in the online value estimation tools but one has the entire portfolio valued in the low 7 figure range (retail) and a value in the low-med 5 figure range (wholesale).
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