Selling Domains with Upgrades at Sedo and Flippa

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  1. Candace

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    As new domain investors, we usually find it difficult to obtain an abundant number of views on the domain marketplaces.
    I recently upgraded for a “Domains Homepage Feature Listing” at Flippa. I wanted to compare the experience with my upgrade for the “Homepage Feature Listing” at Sedo. Hopefully this helps other newbies, or hopefully seasoned investors can advise us.

    This was my experience at FLIPPA

    What was purchased? “Domains Homepage Featured Listing.” To clarify, this is not a ‘Flippa Homepage Featured Listing” – there is a difference. To find the Domains Homepage on Flippa, click on the “DOMAINS’ button in the header of the Flippa Homepage.
    Price: $49
    Guarantee: After contacting Flippa on Facebook, I was told that my domain would receive anywhere from 6 to 24 hrs of exposure. Mine appeared on the page for much more than 6 hours but a little less than 24 hrs.
    Good to know: The names do not rotate. Once your name ‘falls off’ the domains homepage, it is no longer featured.
    How does the non-rotation work? Once you purchase the upgrade, your domain appears on one of 3 rows of featured domains. Every time a new person purchases the same upgrade, your domain is pushed down toward the bottom of the page. There are 10 listings per row. This means that after the 10th person purchases the same upgrade, your listing ‘falls off’.
    How did you get this information? I tried looking for information that was specific to the ‘Domain Homepage Feature Listing” on the Flippa website, but I was unable to find any specific information about this particular upgrade. I contacted Flippa over Facebook and asked the relevant questions. Disclaimer: Information about the Domain Homepage Feature Listing may be available on the website, I just didn’t find any.
    Difficulties: Five days after paying for the upgrade, my domain was still not being featured. However , the awesome folks at Flippa fixed the issue and I was credited for the error.
    Results: This comparison is for the sole purpose of comparing the upgrades themselves and not whether or not the domain flipped or flopped.

    My experience at SEDO

    What was purchased? Homepage Showcase Feature. This is pretty straightforward – my domain will be featured on Sedo’s homepage. The ‘Featured Domains’ are found to the left of the home page under the ‘Featured Domains’ heading.
    Price: $39 with $10 added because I wanted my name to be featured on the UK Homepage as well. Total = $49
    Guarantee: I was informed immediately after purchase that the home page is ‘updated’ every 10 minutes. My domain will be part of a rotating list, so it will actually reappear on the home page multiple times over the course of a 30-day period. Users may also view all of the featured listings at any time.
    How does the rotation work? Every time the homepage ‘updates’, a subset of 8 domains from the entire set of featured domains will be shown.
    How did you get this information? After purchasing the upgrade, the facts are clearly stated in the confirmation email.
    Difficulties: None so far.
    Results: This comparison is being done for the sole purpose of comparing the upgrades themselves and not whether or not the domain flipped or flopped.

    As mentioned, I was told that the homepage is ‘updated’ every 10 mins. I am not sure what that means now because I actually went to Sedo’s website and timed how ofter the homepage is refreshed with a new set of domains. It refreshes every 15 seconds.
    When I purchased my upgrade, there were about 224 total domains featured, 8 names are featured at any given time and the homepage refreshes every 15 seconds. This means that in a 30 day span, assuming that the number of featured domains remains about 224, my domain gets approximately 25.7 hrs of exposure time.(If my Math is bad, I’m definitely open to your math)

    Conclusion: Based on the information I have presented and based on your intention for your domain (quick flip or longer hold) you can make a decision about where you should list and if you should upgrade.

    Flippa did inform me that they will begin rotating the featured domains in the very near future (I was told that the near future may be next month). I was not told the period of time over which the list will rotate (5 days, 15 days, 30 days etc).

    What has been your experience with upgrades at Sedo and Flippa?
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  2. martworld

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    Great Share. I was thinking about listing few domains on flippa with "featured listing". But I am really surprised to know that they just list the domain for 6-24 hrs. I mean for $49, we are just getting few hrs. I thought once I pay $49, my listing will appear for 1 month on featured page.(like Sedo).

    Anyway, thanks for the valuable information.
  3. Candace

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    Martworld, I was pretty surprised to. That's why I wrote this. I think that it is important to fully understand what you're getting for your money.
  4. biggie

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    you could have saved money by asking if either was a productive service, prior to

    additionally, posting for appraisal would help assess value if any, which also could tell you whether the names are worthy of paying for "potential views".

  5. Candace

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    Hi Biggie.The post wasn't about other people's experiences with the upgrades. Why? Because some people say they are worth it (that's how they got their first big sales) while others say that they are not. This post was simply to educate people on what they are paying for. Whether a person chooses to get an upgrade or not is totally their decision, but now we know.

    I am not persuading or dissuading anyone from getting an upgrade.

    Also, appraisals are subjective. I'd rather appraise based on metrics and advice from a core group.

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