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Sorry, new at this

I have a stack of fairly nice domains I wish to sell if I can find a spot to do it fairly smoothly at good prices. However, I am a bit stuck at where that might be and how to do a realistic valuation of the domains.

Are there brokers on here that one can trust to do it for a cut?
Any of the online valuation tools that are somewhat realistic? (those I have found fluctuate and give odd results, but then im no expert)
Where would be a good place to find end users?

Domains are the likes of:
etc - many more.

Sorry for the wave of questions and apologies if im posting at the wrong place :)
g'day Hincapiex

Try GoDaddy Domain Appraisals: A new domain valuation tool - GoDaddy Blog

The trick is to register domain names that end users want to buy.

May I suggest you work on your registration skills, study what sells checkout
DNJournal Year-to-Date Top 100 Domain Sales Charts

Pick a niche, study, research, read research papers, product developments, trade publications etc.