Sedo weekly sales and NameJet/Snapnames May monthly sales

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    NameJet/Snapnames May monthly sales led by

    NameJet and Snapnames May sales report. sold for $130,000 it looked at first like the name was renewed as the old site was back up. At the bottom now there is a notice This is an archived copy of - some information could be out of date or innaccurate. We endeavor to get an up to date website ready with a wealth of information and help in the coming months. The owner is now … [Read more...]

    Sedo weekly domain name sales led by

    Sedo released their weekly domain name sales and led the way at 152,000 Euro, ($181,489). was second at 35,000 GBP, ($48,819). was third at $40,000. 53 .com sales 25 cctld sales 9 other tld sales Top 3 highlights of public SedoMLS sales are: · at 9,999 EUR · at 9,999 USD · at 7,800 … [Read more...]
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