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    DNS is the heart and central reference of the Internet, and without it Internet services (Web, Email, etc..) would simply not function. If you currently host your DNS with a single company (Godaddy, Enom, Network Solutions) or even host your own DNS services then you risk service disruption if that company's infrastructure fails, even if they are on an Anycast network and have redundant networks and system. If their network is DDoS attacked, or their DNS servers do not respond in a timely manner, or if they are facing legal or billing issue, then your services will no longer be available. This would certainly affect your business, and your search engine ranking since your website is no longer reachable. Not surprisingly, this has happened to very large DNS providers.

    EvoSix offers a simple solution: Secondary DNS. Diversifying your DNS hosting with EvoSix and having your primary and secondary DNS with different organizations guarantees that your website, email, and other Internet services will not be disrupted due to DNS failure.

    We current offer a free plan for a single domain. Sign up now!
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