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    Good Morning everyone,

    My name is Flavio and I'm new in the game. I decided I want to start with GEO domains like and then, after let's say 20 sales, moving to more quality names. That's my strategy. To increase the chances to sell them I have to outbound them.

    I've read every possible thread and info about that and the only doubt I have is the following.

    I know that to increase the possibilities of generating a sale I should always contact business owner/CEO ( the ones who decide ) but in many cases, even with tools like Snovio or Hunter, it's LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to find those emails. They simply are NOT on the web.

    The first domain I bought is , a city with more than 200K people and when I started searching for the mails on the sites, linkedin, yelp.... you name it, in most of them the only email I could found was the generic 'info @' .
    Out of 50 mails, 48 are generic ones or contact forms on the website.

    Probably if you target lawyers or dentists it's way easier to get the owners emails, but when it comes to plumbers, roofers.... probably not.

    So my question is :

    Based on your experience, have you had success with outbounding GEO domains to local businesses even when most ( 90+% ) of those leads where general info emails and not the email of the owner ?

    I'm here to learn and can't wait for some tips so thank you in advance.

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  2. VadimK Iberica

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    Geo domains is a very tough game. I honestly don't think it's the best way to start dominating, but well, you asked a different question.
    In many cases for smaller businesses the company email will actually be the owner's email, so don't worry about that, just write to the email you find on LinkedIn or other databases, the 95% chance the owner/responsible will read it, only if your email will not finish in spam folder (very common problem in bulk emailing).
    Also keep in mind that 80-90% of geo names you won't sell more than XXX.
    Best of luck!
  3. FlavioZucca

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    Thank you so much for your feedback, means a lot.

    Yes, I know it's a tough game, I don't mind working for many hours in a row, plus I don't plan doing bulk emailing, every mail will be personalized and I'm gonna use different accounts so that the same mail address doesn't send more than 15/20 mails per day.

    Have a nice day
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    The #1 most important thing is to contact the right person at the company, the decision maker....

    Check the company exec team on their website, LinkedIn, Google, Bloomberg, Yahoo finance etc and find someone who can make the call on whether to buy the name (ie the business development manager, CEO etc). For example, If you Google "Cisco Executive team" for instance, it comes up with this -, so its not hard to find the right person. If you Google "Cisco Email format", it comes up with this -

    So once you have the persons name, its not hard figure out the person's email either. I use LinkedIn to find out the Founder, BDM or CEO's name. Check other company employees email on Linkedin and that will often show you the format, then just substitute with the persons name.

    For smaller companies that may not be in Bloomberg or Yahoo Finance etc, sometimes you can google something like "company name CEO" or look on LinkedIn and then find the persons name and then work out the email from there. You can search a company on LinkedIn and then click "People" down the left hand side and it will show you a list of people who work there with their job titles.

    If you email the WHOIS email or something like [email protected], it will more than likely get deleted or not reach the right person.

    This is just what works for me and can be tweaked to suit yourself
  5. Jamor

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    Thanks for starting this thread, and thank you all for this valuable informations
  6. damance

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    outbound is dead
  7. Expertdomains

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    Why do you say so?

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