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Hi guys

I’m sure you have heard about Recursive Inscriptions by now.

Recursive Inscription is essentially a complex mechanism that extracts data from existing Inscriptions and utilises it within new ones. By interlinking data through a series of calls, developers have found it possible to extract that data to run more complex processes via with Bitcoin blocks as the anchor.

This could be larger files split over several blocks, allowing for high-resolution files, video, 3D images or even the ability to run software entirely on-chain. By daisy-chaining data through a series of calls, and a third-party indexer, robust software, video games, movies, or complex software could reach gigabytes of data.

Thanks to this ordinals protocol has seen over 1M inscriptions in 5 days , going over 13M.

No reported sales until now, but it’s clear that potentially unlocking 3D games on chain makes recursive inscriptions very interesting.

Have you got any recursive domains ?

I’ll start :

RecursiveNFTs (.) com
Recursive (.) wiki
RecursiveWallet (.) com
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Just have one:

RecursiveOrdinals (.) Com