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  1. No easy way to say this so I will just come out with it.

    James Barclay has passed away and was buried two weeks ago in Jerusalem.

    His Father just called me and I am still in shock. I had a very close personal relationship with James as well as a business relationship with him.

    I know some of you may have open business partnerships with him and I am sorting them out with his Father. Please PM me with details if you do.

    I first met James almost exactly 5 years ago on NamePros in the .TV section and we had become close friends since then. Sadly I only got to meet him once in person, but we spoke make times over the phone.

    Many of you know he was suffering from a rare disease that affected his lungs and that is what he died from.

    I don't have to many more details, but will be meeting his Father next week in Jerusalem.
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  2. GoneWalkabout

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    Oh Richard, this is terrible news. I'm shaking.

    One of life's truly nice people, as a co-owner with him of several names, I only spoke with him last month.

    He seemed so settled in his new home in Peterborough. He had his new Jaguar to drive and a beloved pet to keep him company.

    He mentioned he had had a relapse after a particularly long walk but he was very optimistic about everything.

    I am too shocked right now, I will write more later when I have composed myself.
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    We had our words, but Im very sad to hear this. Best to his family and friends. RIP.
  4. think

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    Very sorry to hear of James's passing. Wishing his friends and family a sense of peace in these times.
  5. freedom30

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    ...I know that he is at peace in a better place...

    He was an alright, upright guy and will be missed.
  6. wth...thats why I didnt receive any replies to my emails.
    So sad news :(
    Words cant express how sad I am right now.
    Richard do you have any email contact with his father so I m going to express my condolences?

    We r going to miss you James :(
  7. mwzd

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    This is sad news indeed.

    He was just too young.

    RIP James, you'll be missed.
  8. GoneWalkabout

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    I've had a little time to let things sink in and thought I would like to mention a few words.

    James Barclay was one of those few people in life who can fit seemlessly into many situations. To many he was a passionate New Yorker and citizen of the United States who believed in democracy and the American way of life, to others he was the image of a modern and progressive Israeli. However, to me, he was a Great Briton - a man who had my accent, my beliefs and exuded many of the values that I admire about my island race. Whichever version you understood best he was a always a truly creative and exceptionally intelligent man who believed firmly in the possibilities of internet television.

    Yes, he owned .TV domain names, but his big goal was not to be solely a domainer, but to turn these names into reality, something he hoped would happen with one of the first of his creations - - a project that took a lot out of him.

    Leaving the US to travel to Israel, and then from there to London and then on to the small town of Peterborough in England, he seemed to have finally found a place where he could work on taking on the fight against a rare lung illness that he knew could take his life at any moment.

    I was fortunate to come up 'against' James in 2007 when we had a very heated argument!! An argument that eventually led us to becoming firm and trusting friends - something not normally found in many internet forums. Our constant bids against each other for names that we could eventually turn into something useful finally led us to stopping our bid-counterbid feuding and start working together on names to which we both shared a passion.

    Our first joint name was DIY TV, followed by CANBERRA and then several of the main numbers like TWO and THREE

    We never argued again.

    The fact James has now gone is bewildering. He was one of the stalwarts of the .TV movement in 2006 and 2007 and knew so much about this industry and many of the players who made it up. I think many here have dealt with James or had a partnership in one form or another with him over the years and he was even the original name (if I am not mistaken) who registered !!

    In the past few months he had seen the need to move on with his life and concentrate on his health. Health that was not helped by one particular domainer trying to screw several thousand dollars off him in a shoddy ponzi scheme.

    Banned here on several occasions, he was certainly a character and a half, who would not suffer fools gladly. His youth had been, by all accounts, full of sowed oats, so I think the brightness of his short life will have outshone many of those who live to be 100!

    I would like to say thank you to James for his help in guiding me into the world of .TV and for being an earnest friend when I needed advice.

    I am glad I knew james and I wish there were more people like him around today.

    When internet TV becomes the absolute norm we will look back and note that he was one of the original players on whose efforts the rest of us will have stood.

    I will miss you.

  9. bulkdomainz

    bulkdomainz Established Member

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    Sad news! I don't think I ever had any biz dealings with but I would have loved to have met a fellow NP .tv enthusiast/investor/developer - he only lived half an hour away!

    RIP, James!
  10. Vito

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    There was nobody more passionate about this extension than James.

    I have been fortunate to have some great conversations with James, and I believe I was following in his footsteps.

    Today, First I logged on and got
    Second, I read this very sad news of James passing.
    I wasnt too sure about GuardianAngel fitting it into my portfolio but now it all makes sense.

    To all James family and friends, I am very sorry for your loss and may he finally be in peace.

    Life is short everyone. Lets all reflect on our own purpose in life and our own purpose in this extension.

    I miss you James.
  11. ipodxpert

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    May his soul rest in peace !
  12. twomoon

    twomoon Amat victoria curam PRO VIP Trusted Contest Holder ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Really shocking news! James was a passionate, professional and a good person.
    Hard to understand he passed away.
    Was not very closed to him, but he was the only one domainer I speaked by phone several times.
    RIP James
  13. Michelle

    Michelle Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    :( I was the seller of Canberra .. A very sad day indeed..

    Sadly missed..
  14. mis_chiff

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    Very sad news indeed R.I.P. :hearts:
  15. Tia Wood

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    I'm so sorry for the loss. :( What is his username here?
  16. Michelle

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  17. lll

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    Rest in peace James!

    Sorry to hear about the loss of a great NP member :(
  18. MattheP

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    Rest in peace, James :(
  19. Dupree

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    Rest in peace James.
  20. namenut

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    Wow ...

    "James" was (is) one of the inspirational .TV supporters. We'll miss him dearly but will remember him more so .... "MillerCrossing" is and will always be a beloved and respected "gentleman" in my mind.

    Long live our respects and admiration for "James Barclay". Peace be with his family and friends. In our prays, our thoughts and our hearts ...... RIP James (millerscrossing) Barclay.

  21. equity78

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    Very sorry to hear this news, I had just brokered a name for James and he seemed upbeat. He messaged me about 40 days ago, wanting to discuss an idea about Twitter. I had wondered why he did not call on the time he said.

    God rest his soul, my sincerest condolences to his family.
  22. Len

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    Really sad and shocking news.....James was a man who was genuine and said what he thought without the BS. The first .TV'er in 2007 to send me a private message on NP's welcoming me to the forum......Thanks Miller's... RIP.
  23. tj1897

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    I was fortunate enough to win from him in an auction. He told me it was 1 of the first .tvs he had hand regged ( back in 2006). Though it would have been cheap at twice the price he was a total gentlemen about the transaction. Class act - may he rest in peace.
  24. eyedomainous

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    Great Domainers never die... as great names live forever.

    James lives in the names he gave life.

    In the end, however, the names own us.

    I will always remember the life he gave us through a username.

  25. Rich

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    James was a great domainer, a true professional, who I'm glad to have had the privilege of doing business with.
    Thanks for everything James, rest in peace.

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