PROMO - Script AGC MP3 iTunes Multi Genres No API KEY (Anti Limit)

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    Fiture :
    • Fully responsive [Bootstrap].
    • Top songs, albums and video charts
    • Search for songs, albums and music videos
    • Detailed music and video pages
    • Artists Biography
    • HTML5 audio and video player
    • jQuery lazy loading images
    • More albums from artist section
    • More videos from artist section
    • iTunes user reviews section
    • Browse music categories
    • Browse music genres
    • Disqus comments
    • SEO optimized
    • OpenGraph meta tags
    • Database mysql & Admin Panel Control
    • no need Youtube API KEY (Anti Limit)
    • Block bad keyword & Block ID Youtube For DMCA Complain
    • DMCA page.
    • Privacy page.
    • Contact page with anti-spam
    • Auto Sitemap, can inject keyword on Admin Panel
    • Multi sitemap with paging limit
    • Download Format Video & MP3
    • Setting ADS Banner & PopUp
    • Fast Load.
    • Free Script MP3 Converter
    Demo : majapahit [dot] net

    Normal Price: $50
    Special Members of 50% discount
    After discount price: $25

    Payment via Paypal

    who are interested please PM
    only for 5 customers
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