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Problems with GoDaddy's currency setting options?

I have used GoDaddy for years now but recently their option to set the currency of one's choice for account payments has become really buggy. I will login, check that my account is set to the Canadian dollar currency (it shows that it is), go to load my cart with some renewals, go to checkout and almost every time the currency has now defaulted to US dollars. I have no choice but to complete the transaction in US dollars (causing extra accounting work and cost due to the dollar conversion). Is anyone else having this problem??
GoDaddy is a broken system. Most of my domains at GoDaddy (only new acquisitions there) the screen listing the domain for editing is broken. More than half of the domains have no forwarding option listed but if I try to edit them they are there, and forwarding to my website. The problem is, I have to go to edit every one, to find out which one's have no forwarding. Edit it. And add that domain to the list of domains which show no forwarding, but have it. There are other issues to. It's not possible to edit my account to always use US$. It insists on using my local currency. Have to change that every time I use GoDaddy. These issues are getting progressive worse, over time.
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