budget: above $1000 Premium io only for tech industry

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Ariff BD

Restricted (15-30%)
I was happy for my 4 letter thread ( acquired 6-7 from that thread for around 20000$)
But heavily disappointed about my org net co thread. SO I closed it.
Trying another luck for premium one word io domain for my clients which can be a fit for - tech/defi/crypto type industries.
Such as-
coins.io virtuals.io ARVR.io
Brandable can work if suits for tech niche like-
Anaconda.io terrain.io military.io

Of course not this for io -

foody.io babygirl.io Furniture.io ( no wayyy)

Price - 500-5000$
ask me if u think something extra premium.

Mention domain- if you don not own- price - your email id-

Payment- epik escrow or escrow.com only
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