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Hi fellas

i'm bringing here a SHORT and HIGHLY BRANDABLE domain

I sell it for 119$ on Dan but you sill can give offer.

It's perfect to target gun/airsoft customers, as it's named after the PPSH which is a WWII era russian gun, which is a well-known gun to which every gun lover would relate to immediately.

But the special thing with this domain is that it has a double use.

Actually, it's a very short domain name, which makes it very easy to remember for customers, and, on the top of this, it's an aesthetic name, as the letters are well put together and are not too much condensated, which will surely attract customers.

Also the keyword PPSH have more than 8.1K searches/mo on Google according to Estibot

This makes it perfect to target gun/airsoft customers, but is also very good to use as a short and easy to remember aesthetic link for any other type of customers (retail, finance, IT...).

It expires on december 2023, so when you buy it you will have time to use it or resell it as you wish without worriying about renewal.

And guess what, this guy here checked the USPTO and there is no trademark registered with "PPSH" in the US.
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