Portfolio with 800% return. Can I scale up?

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    Hello guys..

    Good to be back in domaining after almost a year. I hope you guys are doing great! Wish you a very Happy New Year.

    Sharing my experience with my previous domain name investment in .CO domains where I invested close to $200 across 100 .CO domains during a promotion in July. The domain investments were done following the advice of Mr. @Nikul Sanghvi who shared a post where he wrote about his experience with .CO investment, the research on, the filters he used to find out what may or may not sell and ultimately, build a portfolio where one may expect a decent return.

    I decided to try it out and started with the research on Expired Domains to find out names that were brandable, had decent number of possible buyers and the ones I wouldn't mind renewing (although I wouldn't, but I'd give another thought before dropping it) and finally shortlisted on ~100 domains.
    The reason that I had to do away with only 100 is because .CO has made many domains as premium, which now sell at $100 or so, which could be seen as both - positive or negative.

    After having bought the domains, I parked them on Afternic in July itself with $499, $599, $699 and $799 price tags depending on what I thought the names would be worth.

    Until March, there was no response and I had my first sale in April at $499. Then another one in May and yet another in July, just 15 days before expiry.
    The return on the entire investment was 800% and since this was only meant to be experimental to see how it works, I am thinking of whether this model can be scaled up or not?

    Now that a lot of .CO domains are marked as premium, is it possible to scale up this model to say, a $10,000 investment with a similar return? Anyone tried that with .CO?

    Thoughts/comments/criticism/advice are welcome!
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