domain Please Appraise 1288800.net, 8881200.net, 8818880.net

Hard to say....
There will be a bust soon on all these numeric domains once people discover there are really no endusers.
But hey, if you got the money, and these domains are selling for less than 100 bucks?
Buy them.
Otherwise save thy money.


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I have to be honest. These are worthless. I hope it doesnt hurt your feelings. Dont buy these anymore. They not worth reg fee.


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@ iowadawg. And which type of domain names have endusers?? All domain names being traded today have no endusers, not only numeric domain names. There are just too many domain names available, hundred of millions, and I don't see where the endusers will come from. This business is not based on endusers but on people feelings.
Actually based on greed, more greed, and some more greed.
Everybody wanting to buy the latest and greatest, at any price, to get into the game and of course, resell to someone other fool for a higher price.
True, not as many endusers are people believe there are.
Heck, see vr threads, marijuana threads, etal here...
Everyone waiting for a big payday to come when the endusers need to buy their domains!
When domains in a niche get to a certain price point, with no endusers, even resellers back down until the prices start dropping and dropping.
Ah well, the domain game is a crap shoot and like most crap shoots, more will lose than win.