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  1. grigio

    grigio Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Hi NamePros Members,

    Please tell me what do you think about my new Project:
    The Idea of the Project to make a marketplace like BrandBucket but all domains will be available for registration.
    We are still in Beta and its a work in process project but I will love to hear what do you have to say.
    Right Now, We have 400 domains in the marketplace but we are adding domains everyday and we will have around 10K domains in 30 days.
    The marketplace will be for domainers and startups etc.

    Thank you very in advance :)
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  2. 80-20

    80-20 Established Member

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    A refreshing idea.
    Some good names there.
    As for the business model the question is, can the affiliate commissions be high enough to make it worth your while...
  3. grigio

    grigio Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    @80-20 - Thank you very much for the feedback.
    You ask a great question - Our website is 95% auto because we build automated logo software etc.
    We have a few revenue ideas but first people need to love the website :)
    We are not counting on Affiliate for 100% of the income :)
  4. Billy Wagner

    Billy Wagner VIP

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    I like the layout, very welcoming and easy to browse. The only suggestion I would have is the color palette. Seems like the colors are all over the place; blue, purple, green, lime green, ect. Perhaps have four colors that work well together ( is a great site to use) and use them. Other than that, it looks good!
  5. Tom K

    Tom K Account Closed (Disallowed)

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    Very interesting concept. I like the design. Looks clean and easy to navigate. I see it is built on WordPress. Are you adding the names manually? Once traffic picks up, you can sell advertising to marketplaces. Wish you best success with it.
  6. HKIBC

    HKIBC Account Closed (Disallowed)

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    What affiliate commissions? On domain registrations? Won't make much on that. Many if not most people will use their own registrar.

    This detail aside, it's a very interesting idea. My hat off to you ! :) You've invented a great magnet to attract people to visit. All that remains is to add some other affiliate marketing to make some money off it :$::$:

    One more thing to consider: you're giving away pretty good value for free. Show a taste, but get people to register for (free) membership! This way you can offer to keep them updated by email of new names added (opt-in of course). Having a membership base raises the value of your service should you ever decide to sell it (exit strategy?).

    Free membership will also open the door to VIP/paid membership... have a few ideas kicking around on how to get some people to happily pay a few $$$ monthly for VIP access :)

    Good luck with your project! I'll be keeping an eye on you ;)
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  7. ngignac

    ngignac Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I love it.

    I think setting up memberships could be an option to explore. Really depends on which direction you want to go. Maybe leave it as is till you have a massive following then flip it to reg based :wacky:

    One suggestion is removing domains that are already registered. Not sure if you can make a script to do it automatically. I ran into several that are already registered.
  8. maksimfa

    maksimfa Top Contributor VIP Trusted Contest Holder

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  9. jhon77

    jhon77 Established Member

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    The idea looks good man, I am also looking forward to going in the uk market and they have free domain name and I am wondering to know more about them feel free to share your thoughts.
  10. Dragongs

    Dragongs Established Member

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    Great idea, I like the site design it's nice and easy to navigate. Good luck with this!
  11. Sami Ketolainen

    Sami Ketolainen Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP

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    Hello @grigio

    Your idea is simply awesome. I could see this as an really big hit if you can create really working website. So you are looking for review about your website, here we go!

    First, let's start from the Home Page. This page looks really clean and color world is really good. First, when I saw the site, I was pretty surprised how nicely you have used colors in this page. Green, Blue and Purple are a really good combination, nice work! If you want that every people could understand what is the point in your website, you could add some content, how your website basically works. I could use this kind of service if I don't know anything about domain names, but I would need some explanations how I can use your site and how the process is exactly working. Now the people who don't understand about domaining world and things around is could not perhaps know how they could benefit from this website. I will come to this point later with more detailed description.

    Let's check out you footer now. I think you could add some nice purple background to your footer. It's little bit boring in my opinion. You could use the first footer section as an informative section - write little text about your website, shortly describe your idea and how it works. To the second section, you could add useful links in your website, like About us, FAQ, Privacy Policy and Contact us. To the third section you could add links about different styles of available domain names like 5 - Letter Domains, 6 - Letter Domains, Keyword Domain and Premium Domains. To the fourth section and the last one, you could add information about your business - Phone number, Address, Email address, your company name and Icons if you have social media accounts. With these changes, your footer would look much more professional and looks like you have really used your time creating this footer.

    I take a look to these pages: 5-letters, 6-letters, Keyword Domains and Premium Names. At the Home Page section I told you that people outside domaining and web design world doesn't maybe understand what does those means. So you could add little description what does mean example Keyword Domains. I know, many people does know what these means but there are still people who doesn't. You know that newbies etc needs some information what does everything means and if you add descriptions about these to their pages, I think that your visitors will think that this person/persons who created this website is really serious with this website and business and really want's that visitor will find the best name for he's/she's idea.

    Here is some things what you could add to your website:

    About Us page. When you are a visitor and you enter to unknown website, it is like a same thing that you enter to a store where you haven't ever visited. What is purpose of this website, how I can benefit from this service/website, is there something what I'm looking for and so on. About us is the page where customer have to find answers to these questions. If you are seriously in with your idea, you will need this page. Here is 3 reasons why you need this page:

    1) It removes ambiguity‚ and hence defines what you are and what you're not
    2) It provides the prospect with a single point or uniqueness
    3) It helps to pass on the message

    FAQ. This page will help your work in long term. If you list answers to the problems which your visitors could face when using your website, your visitors doesn't need to send questions all the time about same questions, because you have created a page where is answers to the problems what visitor can face while using your website.

    Contact Us page. Online interaction with potential customers is like speed dating. But instead of having two minutes to sit down with them, capture their attention, discuss interests and court them, you only have seconds. That’s why it is an absolute necessity to provide the most fundamental information to prospective customers in the most efficient way possible: a “Contact Us” page. Your contact page, which typically provides an e-mail address, a phone number, social media links and a physical address is crucial in your online marketing. In a world in which Yellow Pages are now redundant when it comes to finding businesses, instant gratification is key. Website viewers want what they came to your website to get, and they want it fast. The first 10 seconds of a page view are when potential customers are most likely to leave a website. In fact 55 percent of visitors leave websites within 15 seconds of landing on them.

    How It Works page. Create a detailed instructions what your visitor has to do if they find the potential name. List everything, costs of registrations, how much are the costs of the domain name and so on. Then your visitors will know that you really care about them.

    But I would say you have a great potential here. This could be a big hit if you can create awesome website. Really nice work from you!

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact.

  12. grigio

    grigio Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I agree 100% , I am working on all the things you said and we are going to launch the website in a month from now :)

  13. .X.

    .X. God is great Gold Account VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Great job, a very innovative, well thought out development
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
  14. Sami Ketolainen

    Sami Ketolainen Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP

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    Let me know once you have finished your project.

    I really want to see the final result.

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