Paypal or Escrow for outbound sales?

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  1. Rory Ivey

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    I've just started doing some outbound marketing and got a few responses. If someone offers, lets say $ you use paypal or still use Escrow.

    Is there anyway to make the transaction fast, smooth and safe...

    Also should you accept the first offer, if you need the money?
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  2. wizard

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    I would avoid PayPal as they could try and reverse the payment after they have the domain...

    I normally do direct payment if you are trusted well and know in the industry it works well.. but if your not best stick with escrow
  3. BaileyUK

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    Yes, Escrow, If the buyer doesn't want to pay up-front. Only consider trust when the purchaser has a reputation to lose.

    As for selling on first offer. I've done it many a time in my 20 years in domains, Particularly if they have offered to send the funds direct and in advance and I consider it a reasonable offer. I can honestly say I've very rarely lost a sale but, likewise I don't try to over capitalize on what I consider a fair market value
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