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information PayPal changes update, late 2022



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As per latest email, dug in a bit:

Amendments to the PayPal User Agreement
Effective November 15, 2022:

  • Business accounts will not be able to receive personal transactions.
  • PayPal accounts will not be able to send personal transactions to business accounts.
  • Pricing for sending and receiving donations is being updated. The new pricing will result in fee increases for some transactions. You can preview Consumer Fees Page and the Merchant Fees page that will be effective following such changes.
  • We are clarifying that PayPal may be required to place limitations on your account and/or withhold on certain gross payments received if you do not provide required tax-related information.
FYI, take notice.
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Looks like an added layer of protection against potential tax evasion and fraud.

I'm sure there are mixed feelings about it, but personally, I think they should have done that a long time ago.
It will hurt people with very small transactions and transfers. But I guess they have to cover their a$$es. Countries are going after their taxable transfers.