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  1. Sophie69

    Sophie69 New Member

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    Hey, guys ! As a newbie, I have a question puzzling me a lot. Yesterday I parked a keyword-rich domain on Bodis. But I find the ads displayed on it are nothing to do with the keyword terms. Maybe these keywords can bring visitors , but is it possible for them to click these unrelated ads links. If they don't click, how to monetize my domain? Have you met such a problem? How to deal with it? Or are you kind enough to recommend any good parking companies which can offer keyword-related ads? Thanks a lot!!
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  2. Don Gondon

    Don Gondon Established Member

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    You can configure either "Master Keywords" or "Related Search Terms" for your domains to narrow down the range of offered ads.
  3. Hypersot

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    When you first park a domain that contains clear keywords in the name then it's highly recommended that you wait for the system to 'learn' the domain and its visitors before you do anything on it.

    Whenever you mess with the master and related keywords you also risk messing up the optimisation that has already been done on the domain.

    Related ads will appear depending upon the amount of traffic the domain has, ie. the more traffic the sooner the system will apply the proper keywords.

    Start editing the domain only if after a long time has passed and when enough visitors have visited the domain but it still shows the wrong keywords

    Important note: the keywords you see *will not* be the same as the keywords the visitors will see. Keep that in mind before you edit anything.

    What I normally do is, I visit the domain via a vpn that targets the country I'm interested in (without clicking obviously) and if the keywords are still unrelated *only then* I consider setting my own keywords.

    Patience is the key with parking.
  4. Sophie69

    Sophie69 New Member

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    Thanks you all for the kind,detailed information!
  5. globalcashsite

    globalcashsite Established Member

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    You can try the following domain parking companies:

    Afternic >>> You can set your own keyword (Payout after 15 days of month close)
    GoDaddy >> You can set your own keyword (Payout after 55 days of month close)
    Parking Crew >> You can set your own keyword (Payout after 30 days of month close)
    UniRegistry >> You can select niche category and only specific category ads will show (Payout after 30 Days)

    Hope this helps.
  6. Sophie69

    Sophie69 New Member

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    Thanks for your kindness.
  7. TroyBodis

    TroyBodis Member Bodis Staff

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    Hello @Sophie69,

    As @Hypersot mentioned, the optimization process isn't immediate and may take several days to complete (traffic depending), but Bodis users can manually override this process using the "Master Keywords" and/or "Related Search Terms" settings. These settings can be accessed from the Manage Domains page.

    If your domain names haven't automatically optimized yet, or you require assistance optimizing them, please open a support ticket or direct message me here and I'll get back to you shortly.

    Thank you.


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