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    If I send someone an email, they say, who the hell are you
    (instead of, what the hell are you talking about),
    and I wish I really hear it, so I can respond to it by saying, it doesn't matter.
    Instead I want to be able to give my
    business web site address (hobby name)
    a variable email (under one domain)
    *a phone number
    as contact info.

    I reply emails , no problem.
    I want to be able to
    *chat with buyers.
    *get sms via "phone number" (but not talk), and
    *track IPs.

    at the web site

    So in summary I will have a web site,
    and I will use it for chat, and
    sms (to make the phone number look real, and all calls will be responded by sms or voice mail automatically)
    and track visits.
    (email part is easy, choosing a domain for business is easy, web site needs to look nice and clean)
    Is there a service like this?
    Without such a service enormous amount of time and money is wasted while waiting for no reason, or outbounding for peanuts which doesn't work anyway.

    Also a VPN servie would be useful.
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  2. topdom

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    I mean, it doesn't need to be a domain service. A service which will make me look like a bona fide business (and there is no cheating, if buyers are naive, is it my fault?).

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