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    Hi, I saw somewhere recently that if you are interested in doing outbound e-mails to a company to see if they want a domain with the same name they have, but in a different extension, it can be good to check the whois contact information so you can e-mail the domain holder directly to see if they are interested, since the company e-mail itself likely will yield no results.

    With that being said, I looked up the owner of (singledictionaryword) .com to see if they were interested in my .tv extension, however they are using privacy protection.

    If I understand this correctly, when this protection is enabled, then the registrar, in this case GoDaddy, will receive the e-mail and forward it to the owner.
    Am I wrong about that, or is that accurate?

    Also is it even worth bothering with outbound in this scenario, will GoDaddy filter it as spam?

    I know I said a mouthful, and this is pretty specific, but thanks for any understanding you can give me!
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    Yes, most whois privacy emails forward to the owners email automatically. Keep in mind that most people that have whois privacy enabled is because they don't want to receive unsolicited emails.
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    Owners of other extensions are either other domainers or a company. If they have the dot com they have no need for other extensions and if they do they come looking for it and won’t pay too much. Before you contact anyone make sure there is no trademark.

    Yes emails under privacy go to the real owner.
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    Thank you for your answers!

    @karmaco I will give up the idea of selling the domain via outbound e-mail, but I do have another question, if you don't mind, regarding trademarks.

    The domain I own is (Distance).tv

    I was under the impression that single words could not be trademarked, but learned today they could be, to a degree. Like, another domain couldn't be called Apple and sell computers on their site, but they could sell something unrelated like actual apples and not violate rules.

    That being said, DomainIndex lists "Distance" as trademarked.

    Would this domain still be sellable with that being the case?

    On a second thought, I had some ideas for the name that I could develop it on my own. Not sure how I want to proceed with that though. I'm still going full noob in the domain world, though, I only own 3 so far so I am trying to take it slow as I learn.
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