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Outbound: "I might be interested"--How do you respond to this?

Located in General Domain Discussion started by jideofor, Apr 9, 2018.


  1. jideofor

    jideofor Top Member VIP

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    Oh well, I decided to try my luck at outbound (been feeling rusty a bit) and I got " I might be interested"

    how do you respond to this?
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  2. JagG

    JagG Upgraded Member Gold Account ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Don't Respond!

    If they are serious they come back and ask you some questions, replies like " I might be interested " seems like a waste of time for me to be honest.

    But then again it really depends on what you said on the email for them to respond like that.

    Touch base in 2 weeks if you don't hear anything in the mean time get more leads...
  3. kite26

    kite26 beginning.io VIP

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    Give your BIN and carry on to the next step. Cold.
  4. DefinitelyDomains

    DefinitelyDomains DefinitelyDomains.com VIP

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    Reply back out of courtesy, and ask them if they have a budget in mind. It's always a good base for negociation. Don't assume that this is a time waster. I had a similar situation a couple of months back, and settled on a $600 deal.

    Good luck...
  5. jideofor

    jideofor Top Member VIP

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    Thanks to you and others that have responded.
  6. maxtra

    maxtra Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP

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    Since you contacted him first, I would simply leave my BIN and contact info if you have not already (email, phone, social media, etc.), follow up if no response.

    Wish you a smooth and completed deal!
  7. hwgriffi

    hwgriffi Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    If you don't get the response you are looking for then go back to the drawing board.

    "How much" or "No" should be the only answers you receive.
  8. urljunky

    urljunky Top Member VIP

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    AS definitelydomains said, answer back. This is a lead. They opened the door for you to stick your foot in.
    This is where you separate yourself from the rest. You should already know how your domain can improve something for his business or you wouldn't have contacted him. Make your points and ask for a budget. Or I always ask how much he would be willing to invest into improving his online presence. You want it to be an open ended question so you get information you need and another chance at closing the deal.
    In the sales world people would kill for someone to be interested. To not answer back would be completely wasting your time with the first email you sent.
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  9. Sumeeth

    Sumeeth DomExpert VIP

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    Just reply them by thanking them with the details like why this domain is valuable and then give your bin and let's see how they respond!
  10. MR Harrist

    MR Harrist Established Member

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    just remember, for most outbound email, if we make wrong quote or price out their budget! usually they just leave quitely :xf.grin: I think that's the sign! but if your price with in their range budget, the chances is, you will closed the deal! the tricky part is they won't tell you about their budget, so you have to play guessing games:ROFL:
  11. urljunky

    urljunky Top Member VIP

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    This is true if you just ask how much they are willing to pay or what their budget is.
    There is an art of getting information out of someone without directly asking what their budget is.
    Possibly Give an example of another comparable sale. They will usually answer with that's a bit costly or something more favorable, like well I don't have that much, but I can offer you $??. I have even had favorable answers when I explain to them that getting a premium domain, that is going to help your business grow isn't cheap. Without taking any syrup off your pancakes what can you fit in your budget for this name?
    It's worked several times and they have given me a number. And if that number is not something you are willing to take I've made a counter offer with a flexible payment plan that is no longer then 6 months.
    Good Luck
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  12. bmugford

    bmugford www.DataCube.com PRO ICA Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    You contacted them. Send a short response framing the value and ask a price.

  13. golan

    golan GolanMedia.com Gold Account VIP

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    Yes, as the guys above said, reply with either your price or their offer.

    Just don't listen to those arrogant guys who advice not to reply. Maybe for them it's a hobby and a way to cherish their ego. One doesn't do business like that.
  14. UmerK

    UmerK Established Member

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    Ignoring and not replying is highly unprofessional and would only daunt your reputation as someone who can't close business.

    A response to such an email is must, I even respond to ones replying not interested initiating a conversation on basis of their reasons for not being interested.

    There are two ways you can respond to this 1 - I have priced the domain at xxx, how does that sound?
    2- What is the budget you are considering for this name?

    All in all, best of luck for everything and ask yourself is ignoring or not responding best way to go about it?
    Which salesman or store owner does not respond to a product inquiry because he thinks the other person is just fooling around and is not interested?
  15. Kate

    Kate Domainosaurus Rex VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    You should be thankful if you got a reply. If you contacted them you should have a price in mind and strike the iron while it's hot. At least make your time and theirs worthwhile.
  16. DN_Hunter

    DN_Hunter Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I agree with everyone about sending a reply. They opened the door as "might be interested", so why not send them your reasons why it is valuable (along with a BIN).

    Also, check Namebio, DNJournal (or your favorite tools) for reported sales of domain names that are similar or have the same key words (include the list of reported sales if they help your case.

    And don't forget to check Estibot and GoDaddy's Domain valuations. If either (or both) valuations help your case, include a link to the tool(s) so they can see for themselves. Of course if the valuations are too low, then don't bother to include them in your reply...

  17. pinkdragon

    pinkdragon Established Member

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    "I might be interested" sounds like "If the price is right, I'll buy your domain".

    I had the same situation here about 6 months ago. Sent some emails, and I got one "I might be interested". I sent him the price ... then silence. After 3 week, I got an email from Efty saying that someone just paid for the name. It was the guy who told me "I might be interested".
  18. BaileyUK

    BaileyUK Top Member VIP

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    Yep, just respond with the price and the method of secure transaction options.

    I always like to give the potential buyer a sense that everything could be "Done and Dusted" securely in in a matter of minutes. reply both with the price and a couple of open questions like.
    What is their preferred payment option ? and where would they like to accept the domain ?

    it also tends to prompt them to respond - If the price is not right for them
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