budget: above $1000 One syllable 4 letters com

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Ariff BD

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I was satisfied by responses from my last thread of 4 letter & one word. Bought around 7 cvcv & a single one word .

However I was tired of the thread response of one word net org co io xyz

Whatever, This is my new post for 4 letter com

They should be one syllable like

Slai.com oppa.com bral.com gorj.com

not bijk.com or cdlk.com or fuhg.com

One syllable.

that flows like gilf.com fird.com xews.com sqai.com

or cvcv or vcvc that seems good like Gufo.com nuce.com ires.com

Price- for cvcv 3000 plus to 8000$

for others - depends -1000-5000.

mention name price your emaill address and if you are not the owner please mention.

If names are in squadhelp, you have to apply for removal even after sale, we can give you time by not changing nameserver until name is removed.
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