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    I am not satisfied with the threads we have been using to showcase and/or discuss our emoji domains, so I am creating this one as the official go-to. The popular previous threads:

    are either questioning the validity or pitting emojis against all. Which is counter-intuitive for serious showcase or discussion posts. So, lets get a fresh start and a thread going for those of us whom are investing on the emoji of domains.

    What do we know about emojis domains right now?

    They may not be registered under any gTLD, which is governed by ICANN, which in turn adheres to the IDNA2008 protocol which disallows emojis in a domain name.
    • However, you will find some emojis still active under the .com or .net extension. These domains are grandfathered, meaning current domains may be renewed, but no new registrations are allowed.
    • Fortunately, ccTLDs are not governed by ICANN, which means there are a few country code extensions which participate in emoji domains.
    • The new blockchain extensions, .zil and .crypto, initially allowed emojis. But due to the fact that emojis aren't recognized in crypto wallets for payments, registrations for emojis have been discontinued.

    With that basic info, we can use this thread to expand our knowledge about emoji domains; what we've seen, what we have and where it's going. Please use this thread to share your passion for emoji domains! Plus, any new discoveries on which extensions allow emoji domains would be appreciated.

    In fact, this week alone, by following a thread here on NP for unrelated info, a user posted an emoji domain they registered in an extension I had no idea allowed them! That extension is .gg. Other popular extensions for emojis are .ws and .to.
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