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    Hey guys.

    I am offering an excellent way to skyrocket your traffic to websites/channels etc. I would like to offer two things here:

    1) Guaranteed subreddit front page

    I will get the post of your choosing to the top of any subreddit of your choosing. Yes, this includes subreddits with millions of subscribers, such as r/funny, r/videos, r/technology etc. This is an insane way to boost your traffic and earn money. Keep a few things in mind here though:

    Different subreddits and different circumstances require a different level of upvotes and exposure to reach the ''hot'' page. Whether it takes a few or a huge amount of upvotes, you still pay the same. Generally speaking, you will be better off buying upvotes for smaller subreddits ~ <1 million subscribers and save this feature for big subreddits. The service stops when it hits the front (hot) page. From there, it will either be downovted and off the page or upvoted and receive copious amounts of traffic.

    This is why I won't accept just any submission. I don't want to take money from you and I don't want unsatisfied customers. I won't accept submissions which I know will get downvoted. quickly. An example of these are obvious promotions, sh*tty affiliate blogs, landing pages etc etc. If anyone sees that kind of post at the top, they know it did not get there legitimately. On the other hand, this will always work with something like a funny video, which will get a lot of natural upvotes once it reaches the hot page. It doesn't have to be a funny video, but it should be something interesting and legitimately compelling to visitors.

    Keep in mind, I am only responsible for getting you on the hot page. I can't tell the future, so I can't always predict which submissions will stay at the top, so be smart about it. If done right, it could get you absolutely massive amounts of legitimate traffic and you could turn your profit several times over with that one investment if you know what you are doing. Posting with an aged account is included if you wish so (it's better than posting from a new account).

    The price of the guaranteed subreddit front page is $100.

    2) Post/comment upvotes

    This is a lot more straightforward. You pay a fixed price for upvotes and that's it. This won't factor in upvotes/downvotes from actual redditors gained during this time. You will get your paid number of votes and that's it. This is, generally speaking, more economical for smaller subreddits. Again, I cannot predict the future so I don't know how many votes it will take to get you the top spot on those. Think for yourself here.

    The prices are the same for both post and comment upvotes.

    10 upvotes - $2
    100 upvotes - $18
    200 upvotes - $34
    500 upvotes - $80

    If you think these are pricey, check out the top 3 google results for reddit upvotes:

    As you can see, all of these are more expensive than my prices.

    Payment is via paypal. Established, reputable members pay after the service has been delivered. New or members without many positive transactions pay upfront.

    Thank you and good luck :)
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  2. Lord Antares

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