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    Hey everyone,

    I am taking on a few more clients and wanted to run a NamePros Special for NP members only.

    I can’t stress this Enough; this is a Namepros Special Only. And for a Limited Time Only.

    Need a Website Designed or Developed? I will do it.
    Have been designing and developing for over 10 years.

    I have tons of sites to show as reference. So many, can’t even list them here.
    You can check out some of my Graphic Design at least here:

    Included with my web design service:
    Graphic Design - Free of course
    - Logo Design
    - Biz Cards
    - Letter Heads
    - Flyers
    - On Page SEO
    - Social Media Setup, Design and Creation

    If you need a website that is a decent sized project I will include the below SEO Services FREE.

    Other websites that are smaller and have a smaller quote, i'll still give a discount too ONLY if you are a NP Member in good standing.

    Included with Web Design Projects that meet the quote:

    I am offering 2 of my SEO Packages “AS ONE PACKAGE” ONLY for NP Members.


    If you are only looking for the SEO Services and want to try out my "just invented NP Special Packages":
    NP Price: $199

    TAT 14 Days from your Order. Give or take 2-3 days. Let’s please be real. I do this manually.

    Contextual Web 2.0 Premium Linking Service

    Pyramid from High DA web 2.0 sites like squidoo, hubpages ect… all do-follow links. Second Tier Social Bookmarking. High DA EDU Blog Posts. REAL Blog Posts on PRIVATLEY owned edu Blogs that are hosted on Top US University Domains like MIT, Stanford ect… Powerful Wiki Links HIGH DA Wiki sites. Not Bogus sites.

    · 60 Contextual Links from 30 web 2.0 Properties

    · 150 Social Bookmarks in the Second Tier

    · 300 Forum Profiles in Third Tier

    · 10 EDU links from Top Tier 5 EDU Blogs

    · 3000 Wiki Links from 1500 Wiki Pages

    · All Unique

    · RSS Creation and Submission

    · Multistage Indexing

    1st Tier Links

    · Top Web2.0 Submission (15% Main Keywords, 40% LSI Keywords and 45% Naked URL / Brand Name and generic keywords)

    · Manual Approved Article (15% Main Keywords, 40% LSI Keywords and 45% Naked URL / Brand Name and generic keywords)

    · Edu Links (15% Main Keywords, 40% LSI Keywords and 45% Naked URL / Brand Name and generic keywords)

    · Top Bookmarks to Money Site (100% LSI Keywords)

    · High PR Profiles (15% Main Keywords, 40% LSI Keywords and 45% Naked URL / Brand Name and generic keywords)

    · 1 Tumblr Blog Post using main keyword

    · 1 Weebly site using main keyword

    · 1 Wordpress post using main keyword

    · 1 Blogger using main keyword

    Social Media (8 Types of Social Media)

    · Tweets with old 10000+ followers Account (DA 100)

    · pinterest pins (DA 100)

    · facebook Share 2000+ Friends (DA 100)

    · Flickr Share (DA 98)

    · Linkedin Share (DA 100)

    · Share (DA 98)

    · stumbleupon share (DA 98)

    · livejournal share (DA 95)

    For this, I need 10 Keywords. 3 Main Focus Keywords, 5 Secondary Keywords and 2 Additional Keywords, as well as your Main, Money URL.

    You can see my reputation.
    I’m not one to shed lightly or do shi*ty work. Full reports given.
    If interested, kindly PM me or Comment.

    If interested in my other SEO packages, let me know.
    NP Members WILL ALWAYS get a discount.

    Feel free to ask me about my other services.
    ORM (Online Reputation Management)
    Graphic Design
    Web Design and Development
    Mobile App Design and Development
    Crowdfunding Services
    Business Services
    Coaching Services
    Website Services
    Marketing/Advertising Solutions
    SEO Services
    Social Media Services
    Video Services
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