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    I've received an inquiry on my domain asking what my price is. This was simply an old domain I used previously and hung onto because I felt there may be some value - unfortunately I don't know what that value is! Automatic appraisals are really all over the place, and I would very much appreciate some feedback from some experienced domainers. Thanks in advance :)
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    To my understanding, a "Novella" is a short novel (related to literacy)...beautiful word. The ".com" would fetch high thousands...

    I assume the interested party is from Canada (Or California), with interest in the ".ca" extension. I consider a safe territory for your domain to be high hundreds, up to low thousands (depending on the buyer / level of interest)

    Ask for an offer first, see how it goes
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  3. Future Sensors

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    This may be an upgrade for // nov \\ ella // mag \\ in the // com \\ extension. It's a company based in Toronto.

    Given the way the potential buyer knocked on your door for this very specific name, I think I would try USD 4,999 or 5,499 or something. Some amount in that range.

    Do what feels comfortable to you.

    Welcome to namePros @thepowerofmeow
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    Check this out:✓

    I filtered for active companies in California. In the initial search for all companies with Novella in their name, there were Quebec companies, but when I hit the “exclude inactive” checkbox, they all disappeared. But some interesting variety of California companies with that name that may help you price your domain. I may be completely off base and the inquiry may be coming in from Canada after all, so your safe bet may be to just ask for an offer as jhm said. But you still gotta come back with something.
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