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information Next Computer Inc filed a trademark for ‘NFT’ & ‘GAB’



California co. Next Computer Inc filed a trademark for ‘NFT’ on 9 March 2021 for goods and services including “software for individuals to upload and sell artwork and digital assets in an online marketplace”.

Next Computer Inc recently filed a trademark for another trademark filing for the term WALLSTREETBETS.

It also filed a trademark application last month for the term GAB, the name of the social network.

It isn’t just trademarks – Next Computer Inc (and its founder Nicholas Sheriff) is the developer of a ‘Gab Social’ app on the iOS store (to store QR codes) and a ‘Clubhouse’ app (not the trendy social network, but a ‘walkie talkie app’). The activity is certainly mysterious, and time will tell whether any of the applications reach registration.

source (worldtrademark)
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