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    Hi All,
    Im thinking about buying & selling domain name just as something to do on the side, but i have a a question that im struggling to find answers for. So thanks in advance if you can help.
    My question is say i was to go and buy a domain that i thought i could flip pretty easily from a godaddy auction, is it locked for a 60 day period? or is there any other restrictions until i can move it to the potential buyer? Ive been looking into this for a while and it seems a fun and interesting thing to get into, but im just confused on the process of buying and then transferring domains to the buyer. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    The domain must remain at the same registrar for the first 60 days but it can be 'pushed' to another user at the same registrar. That means if you find a buyer, they must create an account at the same registrar to receive the domain. The process is more or less instant.

    Note that this is for gTLDs (.com/.net/.org) etc.
    Country code extensions usually don't have those limitations.

    The best is to wait for 2 months before taking proactive steps to sell, in the meanwhile you can collect traffic stats (in case the domain has traffic or development history). So the buyer will be able to transfer the domain to his/her favorite registrar.

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